Category: Wireless Printers

Category: Wireless Printers

How to Add a Printer to a Wireless Network?
January 18, 2020 Wireless Printers John Crist

So, today’s topic is to add a printer to a wireless network. So, coming on to the first subtopic. We can add a printer to a wireless network through different methods. Method 1: Connect Automatically So, here are the steps to add a printer to a wireless network: In order to use HP Auto Wireless,

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Fix Hp Printer Error Code E2
December 29, 2019 Window 10, Wireless Printers John Crist

The topic of today’s article is resolving HP printer error code e2. So, it is clear that we will first of all mention what is error code e2 in the HP printer and what are its causes. So, error Code e2 and HP printer is a typical malfunction Error in your HP Printer. It is

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Fix HP Printer Not Printing Black Ink
December 26, 2019 Wireless Printers John Crist

Today’s topic of this article is how to fix the HP printer not printing black? So, here we will discuss fixing HP printer not printing black. Now, moving on to the methods to fix this: Methods To Fix HP Printer Not Printing Black Ink Method 1: Paper Path is to be cleaned: Open the Device

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FIX Hp Error Code OXC4EB827F
December 24, 2019 Wireless Printers John Crist

HP has worked really hard to give just the best to its users but it is just a machine and one cannot completely rely on it. Often users encounter error codes while using this machine and when an error code appears, they are not able to print properly. Basically, error codes are an indication that

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HP Printer not Activated Error Code 30
December 22, 2019 Wireless Printers John Crist

The topic of today’s article is “HP printer not activated error code 30”. So, let’s move on to the causes of these errors of the HP printer. Following lines discuss printer error code 30 its causes symptoms and tips to fix this error: Default printer for your computer Update the driver Registry repair Default Printer

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HP Printer Error Code 49.4CO2
December 18, 2019 Computer Tips, Wireless Printers John Crist

Here are the ways to Fix HP Printer Error Code 49.4C02. Ways to Fix Hp Printer Error Code 49.4C02 Way 1: Upgrading Printer Firmware Firmware in a printer is similar to what Windows is to your computer. It is an OS for a printer. Un updated firmware is the beginning suspect of this issue which

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How to Fix Cloud Printer Offline Issue?
December 8, 2019 Tech Information, Wireless Printers John Crist

Before making any conclusions and moving on to the fixing of the google cloud printer offline issues, first be assure teat you have checked the below mentioned things: Make sure that your printer is on. And also make sure that your computer networking is not in disabled mode. And one most important thing that you

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How Can I Set up CANON Wireless Printer?
November 9, 2019 Wireless Printers John Crist

Having a look at the set up of the canon wireless printer connected to the device. So, before going for connection, please ensure that you fulfill the following two conditions: Please ensure that you have got an access point it can be router also, via which you will get the internet connection. And your access

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Canon MX490 Printer Setup
October 22, 2019 Wireless Printers John Crist

Setting the “canon MX490 printer” is not different in windows and the other operating system. It is just a difference between two steps. Canon MX490 Printer Setup to Computer Firstly, you need to download the driver for this open any browser Search for “canon printer driver”. You will find “” link, click on it In

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How Can I Do Canon PIXMA MG2522 Setup?
September 24, 2019 Wireless Printers John Crist

Are you using the Canon PIXMA MG2522 model printer? Do you want Canon PIXMA MG2522 Setup by yourself without any technical help? Do you know the way to set it up your Canon PIXMA MG2522? Or are you looking for the best method to set it up easily? Nowadays Canon PIXMA MG2522 is getting used

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