Category: Tech Information

Category: Tech Information

Steps to Recover Hacked Hotmail Password
February 13, 2020 Tech Information John Crist

Hackers use several techniques to get your account password. So, follow the steps given below to recover hacked Hotmail password. Malware – If you install a program from the Internet that isn’t from a trusted publisher (for example, when you download a new screen saver, toolbar, or other software from an untrustworthy source), it might include

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How to Install Dropbox on Mac or Windows 10?
February 12, 2020 Tech Information John Crist

Todays’ article deals with the installation of dropbox on MAC. So, here are the steps to install dropbox on MAC. Dropbox is a file hosting service operated by the American company Dropbox, Inc. headquartered in San Francisco, California, that offers cloud storage, file synchronization, personal cloud, and client software Features of dropbox Online Storage: Dropbox will offer 2GB of online storage to ordinary users, and for

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How to Reset Hotmail Password?
February 5, 2020 Tech Information John Crist

Do you want to Change Hotmail Password? or want to reset password of Hotmail? Then follow the steps given here to change Hotmail password on desktop or phone. Steps to Reset the Hotmail password on the desktop are: Open the reset password page. go to in your browser. Check the “I forgot my password” box. It’s at the

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How to fix Issue Roku Not Working?
January 28, 2020 Tech Information John Crist

Todays’ topic mainly deals with the working issues of Roku. Let’s stick to the topic itself. Roku introduced a lot of device models to its streaming platform. These devices offer a lot of interesting features. Complete the setup to start streaming your favorite programs. It is important to resolve the error to obtain uninterrupted streaming.

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How to Deactivate Apple ID on Mac, iPhone?
January 17, 2020 Computer Tips, Tech Information John Crist

Apple ID is an authentication method used by Apple for iPhone, iPad, Mac and other Apple devices. Apple IDs contain user personal information and settings. When an Apple ID is used to log in to an Apple device, the device will automatically use the settings associated with the Apple ID. If deleting an Apple account

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How to Fix Cloud Printer Offline Issue?
December 8, 2019 Tech Information, Wireless Printers John Crist

Before making any conclusions and moving on to the fixing of the google cloud printer offline issues, first be assure teat you have checked the below mentioned things: Make sure that your printer is on. And also make sure that your computer networking is not in disabled mode. And one most important thing that you

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How to Update Aol Mail Recovery Settings?
January 12, 2019 Computer Tips, Tech Information John Crist

An AOL Mail provides a secure and personal web-based email service for millions of people. Using this email service you can connect with your family friends for both personal and business purpose. If you have any problem in creating and managing AOL account and do not know the way to do so, then you can

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Ways to Fix AOL Error Code 504
January 7, 2019 Tech Information John Crist

Ways to Fix AOL Error Code 504 Are you facing AOL error code 504? and not able to Fix AOL error code 504. Here, we will help you stay connected with us. This AOL error code acts as a gateway and proxy issue requested by the customer for the purpose of using a server error requesting

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How to Fix Belkin Router Blinking Yellow Light?
December 10, 2018 Computer Tips, Tech Information, Uncategorized John Crist

How to Fix Belkin Router Blinking Yellow Light? Belkin is an American company living in the United States. Belkin produces quality products, sells online hardware and communication equipment. Such as (internet) items, network security, energy management, and domain protection are unique in technical markets. Belkin Router is the world’s leading international communications company. An important

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How to Fix Microsoft Word Not Responding Mac?
December 5, 2018 Computer Tips, Tech Information, Window 10 John Crist

How to Fix Microsoft Word Not Responding Mac? Microsoft Word is a graphical word processing platform and it can help protect all user types and save the document. It is helpful to all operating system versions by allowing users to save the file in IE Sometimes the Microsoft Word Setup issues files are not open

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