Category: Computer Tips

Category: Computer Tips

How to do the Canon PIXMA Setup?
September 19, 2019 Computer Tips, Wireless Printers John Crist

Doing the printing has become a very prominent part of our daily life and we all do in a day once of much more as much we need we do for home and office purpose. Because we want to keep our documents safe as manually and doing it also as well as keep safe in

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Do You Want To Fix Canon PIXMA E560 Setup?
September 5, 2019 Computer Tips, Customer Service, Wireless Printers John Crist

Canon PIXMA E560 model printer device is the most used device and highly in demand. Most of the people are using it in their homes and offices. But some new users of Canon PIXMA E560 they don’t know the way about Canon PIXMA E560 Setup. Therefore, they don’t use their purchased device because they need

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How To Troubleshoot Dell Printer Error code 0x12370490?
August 23, 2019 Computer Tips John Crist

Dell Printer Error Code 0x12370490 is a very common issue which is faced by many persons who are using the Dell printer. This error is known mostly “Null print error with Windows Update” as widely level. And this error may create only when the computer is detecting the “unrecognized device” under the process of Dell printer. And

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How to Reactivate AOL Account? 1-888-294-8062
June 26, 2019 Computer Tips, Customer Service John Crist

How to Reactivate AOL Account? AOL mail is the best email services used by millions of users. Some of them purchase AOL paid a subscription for services. But sometimes they forget to renew or reactivate AOL account. User takes up the services but they don’t like the services and start ignoring and forget to cancel

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How to Remove Bytefence Anti-Malware from Windows 10, 7?
June 21, 2019 Adware, Antivirus Removal Tool, Computer Tips John Crist

Bytefence Anti-malware software is a trustworthy software but when you download this free antimalware software. Then you will get free adware with the anti-malware software. When you try to install bytefence anti-malware software, adware also gets installed on the computer without knowledge. You can read the steps to remove bytefence and other adware software from

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5 Most Common Types of Ransomware
May 20, 2019 Computer Tips John Crist

Know About Ransomware A big or small company both are dependent on computer directly or indirectly to maintain records or data. So, computer security is important on that computer and that computer security also protect from online threats like malware or ransomware attacks or other online thefts. In this blog, you will get to the

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How to Remove .Fordan Ransomware on Windows 7?
May 16, 2019 Computer Tips, Uncategorized John Crist

If your photos, documents, PDF, files or videos are encrypted with a .Fordan Ransomware extension. Then your PC is infected by ransomware is known as Stop(DJVU) ransomware. The Stop ransomware encrypts all the valuable files present on the victim’s computer. They will add a readme.txt file in all the folders present on the hard disk.

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Google Drive Server Error Fixed: Step by Step Guide
May 10, 2019 Computer Tips John Crist

Google Drive is a google Inc Product. That used as a file storage and sharing platform and it is easily accessiable thorugh web browser. It provides hassale free features and have products like spreadsheet, tetx editor and a presentation tool. That reduce the usage of ms-excel or microsoft word. But sometimes, the user faces some

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How to Install Hp Printer on iPhone?
April 25, 2019 Computer Tips John Crist

How to Install Hp Printer on iPhone? Now with modern technology, smartphones and smart printer and computers are the normal things. Now, you can do printing jobs by your iPhone, iPad, and iPod by installing Hp Printer on iPhone. If you are also looking to Install Hp Printer on iPhone, iPad, and iPod then you

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How to Fix Kaspersky Not Working Issue
March 22, 2019 Computer Tips John Crist

Kaspersky Not Working : Won’t Open : Not Responding Kaspersky is one of the largest and fastest developments web security supplier organizations since the world it has more than a large number of customers on 100 planets. With the increased cybercrime and threat to your data, your data seem to be vulnerable and prone to

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