Category: Computer Tips

Category: Computer Tips

ZoneAlarm Antivirus Security
October 9, 2017 Computer Tips, Virus Removal John Crist

What is ZoneAlarm Antivirus? ZoneAlarm Antivirus is the best internet security software company that was established by Zone Labs, which was acquired in March 2004 by Check Point. And ZoneAlarm provides antivirus and firewall products. In August 2015, ZoneAlarm launched a 100% Antivirus-free guarantee with its ZoneAlarm Antivirus Extreme Security product. ZoneAlarm product has many

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IOLO System Mechanic
September 13, 2017 Computer Tips John Crist

What is IOLO System Mechanic? Iolo Technologies is one of the oldest developers of computer utility software around the world. Their expertise shines by its latest version of their main product of Iolo, which is Iolo system mechanic. Iolo system mechanic has all those features which help your computer to perform well and fast. It

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Dragon Naturally Speaking
September 12, 2017 Computer Tips John Crist

Dragon Naturally Speaking also referred to as Dragon for a computer, or DNS could be a speech recognition software system package developed by Dragon Systems of Newton, Massachusetts, that united with Lernout & Hauspie Speech products and was later noninheritable by refinement Communications. Dragon NaturallySpeaking was released in August 2016 and Dragon Naturally Speaking supports

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Computer Virus Prevention Tips
August 7, 2017 Computer Tips John Crist

Computer Virus Prevention Tips & Tricks In today’s world computers are become a necessity for everybody. We cannot imagine our lives without a computer, laptops, and smartphones. However, many times our computer working very slow and it behaves unlikely or in an unusual way, then we are quickly checking that we have become a suspect

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How to Use Microsoft Authenticator
June 21, 2017 Computer Tips John Crist

Microsoft has launched its updated version of Authenticator application so that you can make more secure your account. Now there is no longer requires a password to enter into your different online accounts. This is a Smartphone compatible application to keep secure your various accounts. Now we are explaining here what you need to set

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How to factory reset windows 7
June 3, 2017 Computer Tips John Crist

How to factory reset windows 7 If you are experiencing some chronic functional problems on your Windows computer. It can be happened by different causes, such as software errors, malware or virus infections or others. We have some solution for Windows users. You can factory reset Windows 7,8,10 with the original properties and settings of

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iTunes Download for windows 7
June 1, 2017 Computer Tips John Crist

Apple iTunes  Download for Windows 7 What is iTunes? Apple iTunes was released in 2001. Initially, the software provided a way for a media player and Macintosh users to manage their digital music collection and sync them with their iPod. In 2003, Apple added the ability to purchase music from the iTunes Store. Apple released

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How to Take a Screenshot on Windows 7
May 30, 2017 Computer Tips John Crist

How to Take a Screenshot on Windows 7 We can argue daily about the eligibility of a good screen-capture utility. They are quick and efficient without downloading an external program. A window app can provide an entire JPG snapshot of any program. It is an easy way to take your entire display in seconds for sending

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How to make my Computer Faster
May 14, 2017 Computer Tips John Crist

How to make my Computer Faster Is your computer running slow? Does it run with sound whirr or whizz? Is your computer old and not running like before? Don’t know, how to make my computer faster? No need to slow down Windows computer over time. Whether your computer has slowly become slow or it is

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