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How to make my Computer Faster
May 14, 2017 Computer Tips John Crist

How to make my Computer Faster Is your computer running slow? Does it run with sound whirr or whizz? Is your computer old and not running like before? Don’t know, how to make my computer faster? No need to slow down Windows computer over time. Whether your computer has slowly become slow or it is

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How to Update Mac OS?
April 22, 2017 Mac Tech Support John Crist

How to update Mac Mac OS is also known as “Macintosh Operating System” based on the graphical user interface. which is developed by the Apple Inc., and designed for Macintosh series personal computer systems and workstations. Apple Inc. developed several modern products such as iPhone, iPod, & iPad also.  Mac OS is a very popular

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How to turn off pop up blocker on Mac
April 17, 2017 Mac Tech Support John Crist

How To Turn Off Pop up Blocker on Mac? Normally pop-up come from software which you download on your computer and click on I agree without check their data. They take advantage of this mistake and start showing you ads on a price of free software you download. These ads are also called as adware. In

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